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Lumiere Group International:
Your international trade
and finance heartbeat.

What We Offer

LGI deeply believes that success in this field comes from providing first class, proactive services for clients.

With our wide range of trade finance expertise and diverse market knowledge, we are here to help you take control of your financial life and maximize your returns. Together, we can explore the financial strategies

that best fit your unique business needs.

Commodity Trading

LGI Commodities Trading is an expert in the local and international sourcing and supply of petroleum crude, refined fuel products, precious metals, minerals and agricultural products.

Trade Finance

LGI brings transforming international

trade finance expertise to bear on every transaction, providing real-world trade finance solutions with an array of funding options to individuals, companies, SMEs' governments and NGOs throughout

the world.

Investment Advising

 LGI offers direct access to our advisors

and experts. This allows you to discuss investment opportunities with our specialists but it is you who will take the final decision on your investments.

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FX Trading

The forex market is not based in a central

location or exchange and is open  

24 hours a day from Sunday night through to Friday night. 

LGI offers all of the major crosses

(or cross pairs), as well as a large selection of minor, exotic and emerging market currency pairs.

Projects Finance

 We provide off-balance sheet, non-recourse project financing for major international development projects.

Long-term, off-balance sheet, non-recourse loans to finance the development of large commercial, industrial, utility and infrastructure projects secured by the assets and operations of the project.

Offshore Investments

LGI holds and trade any kind of international investment instrument including listed and unlisted shares in other companies, bonds, commodities or for the trading of foreign currencies, futures, options, or any other type of investment. We provide an efficient and private vehicle for this purpose.


LUMIÈRE GROUP INTERNATIONAL is a privately held professional commodities and finance company registered and operating in Ghana, West Africa and the United Arab Emirates and in association with our Joint Venture Partners.

LUMIÈRE GROUP INTERNATIONAL "LGI" and our Joint Venture Partners are experienced and skilled financial traders, and global buyers and suppliers of all types of commodities; agricultural, fuel and petroleum refined products. 

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Our Partners



World-class strategic partners who are among the finest financial institutions, investors, financial traders, global buyers and sellers in the world means no financing package is ever out of reach.


We offer unparalleled project finance underwriting expertise. We provide our clients with numerous advantages every time we fund a project. Our prowess uniquely position us to pre-underwrite every Project Finance request we receive and we begin within 24 hours of receiving  request for project financing.

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