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    With unique financial derivatives from our trusted clearing houses, our trading processes are streamlined. As trade experts, LGI has strong trade links with international commodity traders through which we supply various commodities worldwide on client demand via Lumière Trading. Our trading wing is specialized in supplying both soft, hard and energy commodities. Soft Commodities – Rice, Sugar, Processed and Raw Cashew Nuts, Maize, Soy Beans, Fresh and Dried Chili Pepper, Millet, Macadamia Nuts Sorghum, Caustic Soda and Tapioca among many other products. Hard Commodities – Gold, Iron Ore, Diamonds, Copper, Lead, Wood, Cobalt, Lithium and other hard commodities. Energy – We work with refiners, state-owned oil companies, marketers and distributors, to supply Crude Oil and its derivatives; Diesel, Gasoline, Jet Fuel and Kerosene among others.
    LGI also offers Trade Finance services including Structured Trade Finance, Factoring, Letters of Credit and Insurance Guarantees. We offer Performance risk financing which allows producers from emerging market with a good track record to borrow against the value of future production. This has proven to be a stable source of financing even in times of financial uncertainty and market volatility. Other Financial Product and service offerings are Project Financing, Equipment Financing and Investment Advisory.
    Our project finance portfolio cuts across a range of industries from energy to infrastructure and real estate. We successfully finance our clients from our extensive global network of accredited sources including hedge funds, venture capitalists, institutional investors, investment banks, money market funds and securitized monetization. Through off-balance sheet, long-term and non-recourse financing among other approaches, we are able to meet the exact needs of our clients. We also provide capital solutions for the purchase of equipment and machinery to facilitate business growth. Our equipment financing operations targets the acquisition of a wide range of machines spanning from heavy plant machinery to light equipment.
    As an investment adviser, we filter through a pool of investment options and their associated risks for our local and international clients and propose only effective and functional investment solutions. Our advisory services include share acquisition and buyback operations, securities issuance (bonds/shares), strategic planning and development and risk management. We offer these services through our collaboration with partners in London, New York and other key markets; teams well vested in major market operations.
Commodity Trading
Trade Finance
Projects Finance
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