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LUMIÈRE GROUP INTERNATIONAL(LGI) is a privately held professional trading, finance and investment group of companies registered and operating in East Africa, West Africa, Europe, Mauritius and the United Arab Emirates and association with Joint Venture (JV) Partners.: 

We are experienced and skilled financial traders, and global buyers and suppliers of all types of commodities; agricultural, refined petroleum products, metals and precious stones among others. LGI and its JV Partners have over 18 years of combined experience and this gives our clients access to our large pool of expertise and practical market knowledge. LGI’s high sense of ethical conduct informs honesty and fair dealing with all clients and in all transactions. Our clients derive benefits from the company’s diverse portfolio and multifaceted strengths delivered by a team of professional and highly dedicated staff. LGI is headquartered in Accra, Ghana.”


Lumière Trading

Lumière Trading is a registered company in Ghana that handles all trade transactions for the group. We leverage our extensive experience in international commodity trading and select intermediary services to deliver high value to our clients. Our strategic partnerships with global players enable us to offer excellent service and quality products to clients on request.

Lumière Engineering

Lumière Engineering, a subsidiary of Lumière Group International, is committed to creating positive environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact through its innovative solutions and strategic partnerships. The company’s primary focus is on investing in renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, biomass and hydropower, which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide clean and affordable power to millions of people. Lumière Engineering also supports sustainable farming practices such as mechanized irrigation and hydroponics, which can enhance food security and water efficiency while minimizing land degradation and deforestation. Lumière Engineering aims to be a leader in the green economy and a catalyst for sustainable development.

CGN Trading & Investment Company Limited


CGN is a Kenyan subsidiary of LGI that provides diverse investment opportunities in various sectors of the economy, such as finance, marketable securities, commodity trading, and ESG impact. We aim to facilitate capital flows that support inclusive and sustainable commodity value chains in Eastern Africa and beyond.

Lumière International Trading and Marketing LLC


Lumière International Trade and Marketing LLC is the Abu Dhabi subsidiary of the group. Its location enables us to expand our trade and investment operations in the region and deliver more personalized service to our partners and clients. This division also supports the marketing efforts of the group's offerings to the global market.”.

Lumière Link International Nigeria Limited

Lumière Link International Nigeria Limited (Lumière Link) is a Lagos-based subsidiary of Lumière Group International. Lumière Link leads the group’s commodity, petroleum trade and real estate operations, and is a major player in the distribution and sale of EcoBoostFT™ Enzyme Fuel Treatment, an environmentally friendly breakthrough fuel treatment product that cleans fuel and the fuel system, that enhances fuel efficiency and reduces emissions. Lumière Link also offers project finance, equipment finance, trade finance, and commodity aggregation services.

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