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LUMIÈRE GROUP INTERNATIONAL is a privately held professional commodities and finance company registered and operating in Ghana, West Africa and the United Arab Emirates and in association with our Joint Venture Partners: 

LUMIÈRE Group International Limited "LGI" and Our Joint Venture Partners are experienced and skilled financial traders, and global buyers and suppliers of all types of commodities; agricultural, fuel and petroleum refined products. Our established combined experience with our JV Partners is over 18 years, we currently buy and sell a wide variety of Petroleum Crude Oil & Refined Fuel Products, Gold, Diamonds, Cocoa, Rice, Sugar and Cashews. LGI's senior management has adopted a code of conduct to guide compliance with our high standards of legal and ethical behaviour. It covers a broad range of subjects specifically from environmental standards to intellectual property and also sets the general operations of ethical conduct; honesty and fair dealing that apply to any subject or situation, and has been a hallmark from the earliest days of trading.


In our relentless pursuit of total business capability, our clients derive benefits from our diverse portfolio and multifaceted strengths. The optimal value is delivered to our customers by our team of professional and highly dedicated staff who are committed to our core values of HARD WORK, HONESTY, TRANSPARENCY, RELIABILITY and INTEGRITY. Over the past 3 years, LGI" in partnership with other JV Partners have collaborated worldwide off-take activities of crude oil purchasing, petroleum refined products, cocoa rice, sugar and gold. These were sold on spots, contracts with monthly shipments of refined products to end users such as Refineries and Global Commodity Buyers and Resellers. Equally have assisted our global clients with their financial needs, by utilizing creative financial structures to raise the necessary funds, to achieve their corporate goals. 


• Royal Lumière Real-estate

• Lumiere Trading

• Lumière Engineering

• CGN Trading & Investment Company Limited

Company Profile:

CGN Trading & Investment Limited is a subsidiary of Lumiere Group International duly registered and operating under the laws of Kenya – East Africa. CGN has over fifteen years of experience in commodities trading, providing investment and advisory services in East Africa CGN provides some of Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya’s most successful companies with financial advisory services and arrangements including Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and Documentary Letters of Credit (DLC) with its expertise and global credit lines for businesses to trade and enable them to experience very flexible fiscal procedures in their transactions, with optimum security. CGN as an arm of LGI promotes corporate growth and trade in East Africa.

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