LGI provides a broad suite of services to optimally support each client



We take advantage of the latest trade tools and techniques to constantly monitor and stay on top of the market. This facilitates more effective trade decision making on price movements and trends in the energy market.

Our Energy trade revolves around:

•Refined Oil Products

•Crude Oil




The average returns on the agricultural commodities market have been significantly higher than the global inflation rate. This makes agriculture or soft commodities trading an opportunity to consider.

LUMIÈRE undertakes agricultural/soft commodities trade at mid to high level, dealing in products such as:







Through key strategic partnerships with mine owners and managers, we have the capacity to market and trade in metals/minerals ranging from:








Commodity Trade Finance (CTF)

LGI commodity trade finance offers clients solutions covering the whole commodities supply chain, from the producers through to the commodity traders.

The advantages of using CTF

•LGI affords clients the benefits of enhanced working capital solutions that are capital efficient for banks resulting in competitive pricing.

•LGI's structured facilities and transactional security extend the available financing beyond traditional lending rates.

•Clients also benefit from our effective balance sheet management through the reduction of receivables, monetization of inventory and mitigation of counterparty risk.

•Performance risk financing that allows emerging market producers with a successful production track record to borrow against the value of future production, which has proven to be a stable source of financing even in times of financial uncertainty and market volatility.

LGI offers three types of Commodity Trade Finance:

Transactional Funding

LGI finances client's end -to-end commodity flows from the purchase of the commodity to the on -sale to their buyer.

We complement our services with:

  1. Issuance and confirmation of letters of credit supported by bills of lading.

  2. Letters of indemnity and other freight documents.

  3. Short-term, self-liquidating structures, secured through the associated trade receivable or export letter of credit and by the underlying commodity and related offtake contracts.

  4. Trade advances, receivable discounting, account receivable programs and undisclosed or silent payment guarantees.

Borrowing Base Funding

Through borrowing base financing, we finance clients' working capital against security over commodity inventories and associated trade receivables.

We provide self-liquidating, secured, revolving facilities with the involvement of an independent collateral manager.

Performance Risk Funding

LGI also provides the following performance risk financing solutions for producers and processors:

•Pre -export finance, which transforms payment risk on the emerging market producer into performance risk by capturing cash flows generated from the export of commodities offshore so that debt service takes place outside the emergng market country.

•Pre -payment finance is an alternative to pre-export finance whereby funds are provided to the emerging market producer via the off -taker on a limited recourse basis.


Our project finance portfolio cuts across a range of industries from energy to infrastructure and real estate. We successfully finance our clients’ from our own extensive global network of internationally accredited sources including hedge funds, venture capital firms, institutional investors, investment banks, money market funds and securitized monetization.
Our past projects include:
•$1,000,000.00 SBLC | For our client's importation from Brasil
•$12,000,000.00 | For the importation of rice from Vietnam
•$4,500,000 | Equity loan •$120,000,000.00 | We arranged issuance of SBLC for an Irish client


With our industry knowledge and insight we furnish our clients with the best business opportunities as well as comprehensive investment consultation services through our registered and regulated offshore investment advisory partners from the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The scope of our services includes: •Share acquisition and buyback operations •Securities issuance (bonds/shares)
•Strategy planning •Strategy development •Risk management •Business plan development A dedicated professional team is assigned to every client for comprehensive management of their portfolio.